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Relationship Workshop


It’s not Me, It’s You!

What to do when All the Relationship Problems are Your Partner’s Fault....

Frustrated by your differences? How you handle the challenges in your relationship can either bring you closer together or take you farther and farther apart.

You can deal with each challenge and be rewarded by a strong, adaptable, long-lasting relationship or you can take the path to growing apart and spiralling downwards.

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why you and your partner don’t see things the same way. This is a huge source of conflict. Knowing what makes us tick helps create understanding and begins to open us up to other perspectives.
  • How to move past blame and accusations. Learn constructive ways to see each person’s part in any given situation.
  • How to identify and avoid the 4 relationship gremlins Learn some simple (though not always easy) communication shifts that can make a huge difference in happiness in your relationships.

Many relationships can be saved and become wonderful with dedication, intent and the willingness to look compassionately at yourselves.

Come and have fun while learning some tips, tricks and practicing some skills to move from blame, frustration and resentment to awareness, understanding and acceptance.

Price: $25 per person or $40 per couple.