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What to do when you discover your partner is from a different planet.

You thought they were a little odd. They didn’t do things the way you did them. They thought differently and had different approaches to life and friends and hobbies than you did. Sometimes you’d give your head a shake and think “Where on earth are they coming from?” There’s all this information about how we are all different and our beliefs, values, needs and past circumstances all form the person we are and how we look at the world. Sure, sounds logical, but how does that account for THIS????

Then one day, after an inexplicable interaction, it all becomes clear. If men are from Mars and women are from Venus it still doesn’t explain your partner. Clearly, the author didn’t take his research far enough, for your partner is clearly from a whole other galaxy and maybe not even a planet at all. Maybe a moon which would explain the way they turn away from you sometimes and then turn back for no visible reason. Perhaps they are a black hole from a far away galaxy and that would explain why your communications seem to disappear into a void. Heck, maybe they are even from a debris belt around some obscure star. That would surely explain the unexpected and random crap flying around.

Yes, sometimes our most loved one is a complete and utter frustrating mystery. Today, I am looking for the earthlings who are like me – totally understandable and wonderful. Aliens be gone.

Here are some tips if you think this could be happening to you:

  1. Remember that we are all star dust, even aliens.
  2. Send gratitude that there is life on other planets, even if you aren’t feeling the love right now.
  3. Think about the impression YOU are giving of earthlings. Do you want the aliens to find us friendly and welcoming or hostile and combative?
  4. Repeat your mantra about celebrating diversity.

And, above all:

  1. Consider that your beloved might well be looking askance at you and wondering what planet you are from.

One person is complicated. Two people is complicated to the power of 100. Let’s not even get into families!!!!!  It’s best to embrace quirks and quarks and then others may embrace yours. Good luck.


Rosalie is a certified Relationship & Systems Coach and can be contacted at 604-620-4222 or mail@rosalieboulter.ca.


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  1. Miriam Linderman on September 11, 2014 at 10:47 pm

    You know what I love about this? Your humour, your metaphors and the lightness with which you’ve treated a serious subject. That helps so much, to remember that we are all diverse creatures who just want to be appreciated and loved. Thanks Rosalie.

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