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Top 10 reasons to not have cats anywhere near your home office.

  1. I am trying to type this with a slightly wet cat on my lap kneading my chest.
  2. Forget about dressing professionally while at home. I am not wearing my good dress slacks only to have them shed on and snagged.
  3. Closing doors to shut them out only inspires them toward ever increasing annoying behaviours.
  4. You can’t eat at your desk without somebody trying to share your meal.
  5. Just to get them out of your hair, you feed them which takes you into the kitchen and you are now having 10 meals a day as well.
  6. You cannot keep important papers on your desk in case they are suddenly jumped on by a cat with dirty feet
  7. If you throw them outside you will invariably hear sounds of a cat spat and have to drop what you are doing to go see if your babies are embroiled in a battle. If it didn’t mean a possible, highly expensive trip to the vet, you’d just let them go at it.
  8. They think headsets are something to be pulled off your head – usually suddenly and while you are on a client call.
  9. Headset wires are easily chewed through and are not inexpensive to replace.
  10. Once they have completely distracted, annoyed, irritated and interrupted any focus you might have for the day, they head off for a 14 hour nap – only waking up if you try to focus on something truly urgent.

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