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Storm Warning

Where your first conflicts and issues start to show up.

"Defending our position is the opposite of addressing it. And commitment to a relationship entails addressing, processing and resolving our personal and mutual issues."

- David Richo - How to Be An Adult in Relationships

Turn Conflict into Closeness

Who this is for:

You’re emerging from the “honeymoon” stage and small conflicts are starting to arise – or, life has thrown something at you (job, family, change in circumstances) and the stress is rocking your usually happy relationship.

Learn how to handle conflict before it creates tension, resentment and growing apart.

What you get:

  • 1.5 Hour Discovery Sessions with all 3 of us. Gathering additional information, determining what key issues we will be addressing together, and clarifying desired outcomes.
  • 8 x 60 min sessions – bi-weekly.
  • Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) – Relationship Awareness tool. Done in advance and a worksheet filled out in advance.
  • Worksheets, “How To” Sheets, Description of Tools

Some of the things we’ll address (depending on what your relationship needs) are:

  • Understanding self and the other in conflict. This creates awareness so you don’t make up stories about the other which leads to more conflict!
  • Exploring Differences – Learn to work WITH your differences rather than having them create judgements and barriers to communication and intimacy. We’ll use the specific relationship issues you’d like to address (and/or help uncover them for future use)
  • Coaching on Toxic Communications and learn what to do if and when they happen – using real life situations and practical solutions
  • How to consciously set up Roles in a relationship to promote harmony and appreciation and avoid misunderstandings and resentment
  • Expectations and Agreements – how shining a light on expectations and turning them into agreements instead can create huge shifts in understanding and actually making things work

Price $1,475 + GST