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Society Says

People often erect barriers constructed from “what will other people think?”. I know these barriers all too well. I have built myself curbs, hurdles, walls, and prisons from this type of thinking. I always use the same materials, like a designer stuck on using shag carpet. It wasn’t terribly effective even when it was in style! I run into this with people I coach as well. They want to make a change but society or parents, friends, colleagues, clerks in the grocery store will all think that they are insane, losers, throwing away their lives or other judgments of this ilk. It is true, sometimes they do think this and yes, some will say it out loud to your face. A lot of other people will light up and exclaim YES! once they hear your plan. Society is that loudmouth schmuck who offers an opinion about everything until most people tune it out. I think it is surprising how that one, loud, overbearing voice silences all the other voices that think otherwise or don’t even really care. That these social voices all live in our heads, and earplugs only keep them in doesn’t help. If somebody could design an earplug that would silence those loudmouth voices in our heads, now that would be a company in which to invest! Where’s my chequebook? So, when dreaming your dream and finding yourself building the barrier of others’ thoughts, why not try using those same building blocks to create a smooth pathway using those quieter voices – Way to Go! That sounds Just like you. You always were good at that. I love that idea. Oh, I’m so pleased for you. I know you can do it. Awesome.