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Set Your Relationship Up for Success

"The best thing a society can do for itself is to promote and support healthy couples, and the best thing partners can do for themselves, for their children, and for society is to have a healthy relationship." – Stan Tatkin, Wired for Love 

The “honeymoon stage” is wonderful – and it doesn’t last forever :(. Learning relationship skills now can prolong that early relationship bliss and set you up for success once the inevitable conflicts arise. In this progam you will learn and pactice critical relationship communication skills in an experiential fashion (i.e. I won't just lecture!)

This is designed for couples in a newer relationship. Maybe you are about to start living together, getting married, or making a larger commitment to each other. Maybe you’ve had a past relationship go sideways and want to ensure this one doesn’t.


for those who have experienced the end of a relationship and want to work individually on how they can be a better participant in their next relationship.

What you get:

  • Six Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions x 60 mins each
  • Handouts, Tips and How To sheets on the material we cover

What we’ll cover:

  • Listening & Questioning for Connection, Clarity, and Creativity
  • Discover how simple shifts in your language can reduce misunderstandings, hurt feelings and substantially reduce friction
  • Learn to use the Relationship Perspective for decision making and avoiding conflict
  • Dig into the differences between Expectations & Agreements and Facts & Assumptions and how these key distinctions can alleviate confusion and resentments
  • Learn the 4 most Toxic Communication patterns and how to avoid them
  • You will create some Simple Relationship Rules to guide your communications, decisions, and disagreements

Sessions will be via telephone/Skype

Come prepared to be honest, have fun, and explore ways of learning that may not be your usual style.

Price: $850.00 + GST