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Revitalize Your Relationship

Re-Design! Re-Create! Re-Commit!

Who is this For?

This is for couples who are experiencing a rough patch, wondering who the other is, and wondering if they will be able to make it. Stuff is going off track. The other person’s quirks are no longer charming but annoying. You wonder if your relationship can or should survive. The ratio of conflict to good times is getting worse and worse. You are drifting apart.

This is my most comprehensive package where I work with you to develop a strategy and I help you resolve and/or manage your differences; create understanding which brings compassion; and design long term solutions so you are better equipped to handle any issues in the future. You will have lots of opportunity to practice new skills.

The upside of doing all this work is you get true acceptance and fulfill the purpose of your Relationship.

Among other things, you will:

Learn the many faces of conflict and how to manage each to reduce the chance of it escalating or being buried; and

Learn to recognize patterns and unhelpful habits and how to replace them with ones that create closeness and intimacy to strengthen your relationship.

”We had become distant, afraid of speaking our truth and were slowly drifting away from one another.”

“We love each other and want to be together, but we are unsure if we have changed to the point of no longer being on the same path”. 

This program isn't for everybody

It's definitely NOT for you if

  • One of you is already “out”. Done. You’ve agreed to get help but you know you are going to leave anyway. Another type of coaching will suit you better. However, if you are honest with each other (and me!!) that this is the last ditch effort, that’s great, as long as you are still willing and invested in trying, Coaching will help.
  • One of you believes the situation is 100% the other’s fault and is totally unwilling to consider they have a part in what’s gone wrong – even if it is a small part.
  • The Relationship has Conflict so heated that you are completely unwilling to listen to each other. Feeling unable is okay – we can work with that. There’s nothing wrong with having a fight where you yell, but you have to be able to eventually listen and make some changes.

If you can say YES to ALL of the following – this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

  • I/We are fully committed to our Relationship. It’s ok if you have serious doubts or concerns, as long as you are not out already. That’s ok. What is important is that you truly want your relationship to not only survive, but thrive.
  • Realistic about how long things take and the amount of effort it takes to really make long lasting changes in the way you interact. This isn’t to say some things won’t get better fairly quickly – they may.
  • Open to feedback, new ideas and willing to make changes. Once we find solutions worth exploring and practicing, you will need to try different things and we’ll create a supportive environment for this.
  • We are Committed to taking action between session. You need to commit to doing the assignments (which you will always have agreed to in advance).
  • The health of the relationship is more important than being Right

Do any of these sound like your Relationship?

  • Lack of an intimate and satisfying connection. “…., it felt as though there was a missing link in the relationship that we couldn’t seem to connect.”
  • Drifting apart. ”We had become distant, afraid of speaking our truth and were slowly drifting away from one another.”
  • Unresolved and/or increased conflict. “Everything becomes a drama or a serious discussion over the most minute thing”
  • Differences that you just can’t get past. (We need)"Strategies to better understand one another and relate to one another”
  • Unsatisfying Communication. “Both wanting to feel heard and not experiencing it”

What this program is designed to give you

Increased Intimacy & Commitment. “Awareness of the relationship perspective brings us a focus. Now we are more aware, allows us to reconnect and grow.”

Communication and Conflict that Work FOR the Relationship. “Am learning to say I don’t really get what’s going on and digging for the root problem.”

More time enjoying each other. “Feel like working for a team basis. We're respectful of each other’s choices, now feels more united. Instead of two people separate trying to be together.”

An end to blame, defensiveness, personal attacks. “Don’t have fear of bringing thing up to talk – can express what I’m feeling and don’t have to wait until I explode. Partner more receptive.”

What You Get:

  • 1:1 with each of you to get the unedited story from each
  • 1.5 Hour Discovery Session with all of us
  • ½ Day In-depth Awareness of Fundamentals/Strategy Session (or 2 x 2 hour sessions)
  • 6 months individualized couple’s coaching (12 sessions)
  • 6 months individualized “sustainment” coaching (6 sessions)
  • How To’s, Questionnaires, worksheets and templates to help you hone your relationship skills
  • Between session supportv ia email or phone

We examine your unique combination of selves and:

  • Figure out what is working, what’s not and what you want instead
  • Create your future vision together
  • Develop understanding of your differences and how to work with them rather than be at odds.
  • Find the skills and tools that work for your relationship - so that your time together is spent joyfully and misunderstandings diminish substantially (they won’t likely disappear completely – we ARE human!)
  • Practice tried and true and cutting edge Communication Skills and other awareness tools – we work with many sources so I introduce you to a wide range of expertise

This is a fully customized, privately delivered Program.

All sessions with the exception of an in person option for the Foundational Session are done via telephone or Skype. This means you can be anywhere in the world.

Price: $5,495 + GST

Yes! I offer payment plans. We can discuss this during your Assessment Call.