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Revitalize Your Relationship Details:

2 1:1 Sessions – 60 mins each

Each person gets a 1:1 session with me which enables both parties to really say what is going on for them without having to be careful about hurting the other person’s feelings which, as much as it is caring, sometimes gets in the way of honesty. As we strive for an open, honest, and transparent process between the 3 of us, what I do is bring all the issues – big, small, too petty for words, major and minor irritations - AND hopes, dreams and desires into a way that the Relationship can hear, accept and agree on.

1.5 Hour Discovery Session with all 3 of us. Gathering additional info, sharing information from the individual sessions, determining what key issues we will be addressing together and clarifying desired outcomes.

½ Day (4.5 Hour) “Foundations” Workshop.  (or 2 x 2-hour sessions)

These are Foundational Relationship Skills and Tools. We will come back to these time and again throughout the coaching so this day gives you an overview, tons of insight and understanding, and we build on this throughout our time together.

We can hold this session in an external location that gets you away from your usual environment for a day and gives us a nice, private space to move around, however, we can manage this on the telephone or Skype if needed. Optionally, I can meet you at your office if you have access to a space.

Everything we do will be in service of your Relationship. Here are some of the things we will do during our ½ day:

  1. Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) – Relationship Awareness tool. Done in advance and a worksheet filled out in advance. Touch on conflict styles.
  2. Lands Work – exploring differences and how to begin to create an “us”
  3. Toxic Communications – learning about the 4 most common toxic communications – based on research by John Gottman
  4. Introduction to different aspect of selves and how they all relate in the Relationship, Discussion of Roles in the relationship

It is helpful to dedicate a notebook or journal for this and the rest of the program.

6 months of bi-weekly sessions 75-90 minutes each = 12 sessions* 

Below are some of the things we may explore together. Each topic is multi-faceted and complex and we don’t necessarily work on them sequentially. Also, there is WAY more here than we will be able to cover. That’s why it is customized – we select the pieces that are most beneficial for you. Most couples focus on Communication, Conflict, and Intimacy & Connection and the other tools and topics are woven throughout as needed.

Relationship Review

  • Where are you? What’s working? What’s not? What do you want?

Self, Other and Relationship Awareness

  • Learn how to navigate your differences and discover what your relationship needs in order to be more gratifying

The Couple Identity

  • Create an alternate Relationship perspective you can use now and in the future to assist with decision making or conflict

Communications Skills

  • Discover how simple shifts in your language can reduce misunderstandings, hurt feelings and substantially reduce friction “she gave us some great tools to use so we could communicate better with each other”

Conflict Resolution

  • Learn how to make conflict productive (useful) and work for the relationship

Dealing with Life Changes

  • Learn how to navigate changes in goals, circumstances and both planned and unexpected changes

Connection & Intimacy

  • Learn and create meaningful rituals and habits to keep you connected and ensure you regularly refresh your relationship and create meaningful touch points

Roles & Responsibilities and Expectations & Agreements

  • Learn how to express needs and create agreements that work for both which reduces frustration and built up resentment

Vision, Mission, Goals

  • Create and Confirm that your vision and goals are aligned and exciting to you

The Bigger System/Communities

  • Sometimes our external world or the other systems we are part of are creating some of the discord. Here we look at the other systems you are a part of and how these impact your relationship.

Sustainment: 6 months of monthly sessions 60 mins each (6 sessions)*

*Assumes that after 6 months, you are ready to go onto a more “maintenance” plan. If not, no worries, we keep the bi-weekly session for 3 months.

Most couples will make significant progress in 6 months and be ready to move into sustainment mode. In this stage, we keep the tools alive and continue to practice. If you require additional tools, we’ll do those as well.

…You also get:

15-minute check-in/up sessions. Sometimes an assignment will bring up challenges or spark an argument in the doing, so instead of that, call me and you can do part/all of the assignment with me providing mediation/interpretation/clarification. Pre-scheduling your assignment time and checking out if I am available is a great way to use this service. That way you don’t have two weeks of ill feelings from something that was meant to improve things!

You can also take advantage of my time between sessions for whatever You need: to review assignments, ask questions, use for accountability, or resolve an issue.

Worksheets, How to Sheets & Instructions Sheets

I provide hand-outs for all the Tools we explore so you can easily use them on your own

All of this...plus extra help and support

 Between Session Email Support

Follow up email each session

Life doesn’t tend to happen on a regulated schedule, so if challenges or issues come that would be great to settle without waiting for the next session, You are welcome to email me in between sessions to:

  • Review a tool or get help with your assignment
  • Ask a question
  • Request something specific for your next session to give me time to prep
  • Include me in celebrating your wins!

As long as your request will take no more than 15 minutes or so, I am happy to send you an email response or have a quick phone call. If it’s more involved than that, we can re-schedule one of your regular sessions to address it.

Cost: $5,495 + GST

Talk to me about payment options.