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A successful relationship is hard. An unsuccessful relationship is MUCH harder!

How you handle the challenges in your relationship can either bring you closer together or take you farther and farther apart. Each conflict, if not addressed satisfactorily, becomes larger and larger and is less easily resolved.

You can deal with each challenge and be rewarded by a strong, adaptable, long-lasting relationship or you can take the path to growing apart and spiraling downwards to live together unhappily or eventually separate.

I believe that many relationships can be saved and become wonderful with dedication and intent and the willingness to look compassionately at yourselves.

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If you are ready to take the next step, please fill in the contact form below or call me at 604-620-4222. We will set up a get to know you NO OBLIGATION Assessment Session, preferably with both people, to make sure we are a fit, that is we all feel confident we can work well together, and to answer any questions you may have about any of my Programs.

Not Quite Ready?

Try out one of my FREE 15 minutes “Relationship SOS Call” where we explore one particular issue or complaint and I provide some insight and/or tips you can use to improve this situation.

Relationship Coaching Programs and Packages

Setting Your Relationship Up for Success

This is designed for couples in a newer relationship. Maybe you are about to start living together, getting married, or making a larger commitment to each other. Maybe you’ve had a past relationship go sideways and want to ensure this one doesn’t.

OR those who have experienced the end of a relationship and want to work individually on how they can be a better participant in their next relationship.

Learn and practice critical relationship communication skills to set your relationship up with a solid foundation have tools you can use for future issues.

Program consists of 6x60 min sessions (bi-weekly)

Storm Warning

When initial conflict or differences start to arise, it is best to deal with them positively and proactively. Maybe you are so used to being in harmony that when differences arise, you haven’t practiced handling them. Poorly handled conflict can increase conflict leading to growing apart and growing resentments. This is also a good program if you have a great relationship but life has thrown you something you aren’t prepared for and need help working through this one issue – sometimes this is between the two of you and sometimes it is an external circumstance. (Change in Living Circumstances, Job, Family Issue, etc.)

Program consists of:

1.5 Hour Discovery Session

8x60 min sessions (bi-weekly)

Content: Conflict, Differences, Communication & Intimacy, Roles & Responsibilities, and Expectations and Agreements .Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) – Relationship Awareness tool. Done in advance and a worksheet filled out in advance.

Revitalize Your Relationship

This is for couples who are experiencing a rough patch, wondering who the other is, and wondering if they will be able to make it. Stuff is going off track. The other person’s quirks are no longer charming but annoying. You wonder if your relationship should or can survive. The ratio of conflict to good times is getting worse and worse. You are drifting apart.

This is my most comprehensive package and includes:

What You Get Overview:

  • 1:1 with each of you to get the unedited story from each
  • 1.5 Hour Discovery Session with all of us
  • ½ DayIn-depth Awareness of Fundamentals/Strategy Session (or 2x2 hours)
  • 6 months individualized couple’s coaching (12 sessions)
  • 6 months individualized “sustainment” coaching (6 sessions)
  • How To’s, Questionnaires, worksheets and templatesto help you hone your relationship skills
  • Between session support via email or phone


During our first call we decide if we want to work together. After that we create agreements to ensure we all get what we need from what is now OUR Relationship. For instance, one of the things I always request is If something goes haywire between us that you be honest and let me know and I will commit to do all I can to make it right.

If this isn’t right for you, that’s totally fine. I will not collect your email and send you stuff without your permission. I don’t enjoy that myself. I am anti-pestering.

If it is right, it’s right, and if it isn’t, let’s either figure out what would work, or you move on to something else that is. Above all, I want your relationship to thrive. If I’m not the one, let’s find you a way through in another way. If you are interested but not quite ready, we can schedule a follow up that works for both of us.


Certified Coaches have a Code of Ethics we must adhere to and Confidentiality is key.