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Individual Transformation Coaching

You want to transform or shift an aspect of your life, or maybe you even want to redesign it from the foundations up!

You've tried setting goals and action plans and nothing really changes.

What is frequently getting in the way is ourselves, and it simply isn't easy to see this clearly or find ways around it. This is where a coach is your invaluable ally.

Coaching is all about Discovery and then Action. That's what we'll do together.

What you get:

  • A 2 hour Discovery Session where we go deep to make sure we are concentrating on the right things and we design a plan
  • You will receive a Getting Started Package via email to set the Foundation. This will require some homework on your part. Depending on how you approach things, this can take an hour or longer. It will include the Assessment below.
  • An Assessment (SDI) where we will discover a lot about how you are motivated, your strengths, and your conflict pattern (Assessment plus either one two-hour session or two one hour sessions)
  • Six Months of  Bi-Weekly Personal Coaching Sessions @ 60-75 minutes each
  • Between session email contact that includes a weekly preparation reminder from me and any follow up.

Sessions will be via telephone/Skype/Zoom

Come prepared to be honest, have fun, and explore ways of learning that may not be your usual style.

Price: Six Months @ $575.00 (+ 5% tax) per month 

Checklist to Assess Readiness:

I am committed to show up to each session prepared

I will do my very best to complete mutually agreed assignments/practice between sessions

I will be an active participant in my own process

I am not looking for a quick fix or somebody to tell me what to do

I realize coaching is a partnership and will co-create the relationship and communicate if something isn't working for me

I'm ready to be challenged in a supportive and fun environment

I realize sometimes I may want to avoid my session for some reason and I will show up anyway and be honest about how I feel