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Habits, Beliefs and a Big “Oops”

I missed an early morning Skype appointment today – By the time I turned on my computer and saw the “where are you” message, it was way too late. The interesting thing, though, is that I actually checked yesterday to see what my schedule for today looked like and totally missed seeing this appointment, which was clearly in my calendar. Why didn’t I see it? Well, I usually talk with this client on a Tuesday morning but this time, we arranged for Monday morning. I had it so clear in my mind that this call was happening on Tuesday that I simply erased the information staring me in the face from my calendar. Even though we have had just 3 or 4 meetings, I went into auto pilot – Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. You know what else I did? I also totally ignored my intuition as just as I was waking up this morning I was dreaming that it was 7:09 am and I was late for this exact call and I told myself no, it’s ok, the call is on Tuesday. If I actually paid attention to that dream/hit of intuition I would have checked my calendar just to make sure but again I relied on my “this is the way things are” assumption. I looked at the rest of my schedule for the week and discovered that another client’s regular session is not on the habitual Thursday afternoon but has been scheduled on Tuesday this week. If I hadn’t been really, really looking, would I have continued to assume I would talk to Thursday person on Thursday? That was definitely in my mind as I mentally reviewed my week. At least this one is telephone so I would be less likely to completely miss the call but I wouldn’t be as prepared as I would like. How can one develop this kind of habit so quickly? Just this morning I had been reflecting on the difficulty of breaking behavioral patterns and now I see that on some things, we develop habits immediately. It also highlights yet again how we have a set of beliefs and ignore any information that conflicts with our idea of reality. My inquiry for the week is to really look at the information in front of me and see it fresh each time rather than having my mind slot it into its regular spot without consciousness. Of course, there is also process improvement needed here. My client didn’t have a non-computer way of contacting me as we’ve only connected via email and Skype. Being fairly new to using Skype for client calls, I haven’t put any thought into what happens if technology lets me down – as it can do. A simple thing like making sure somebody has an alternate way to contact me would have resolved this morning’s situation and I’d be feeling great about the coaching session I just had rather than being mortified about missing a call.


  1. Miriam Lindermabn on March 3, 2014 at 9:56 pm

    Ah, this reminds me of times when I am looking for something and imagining it in a specific package or colour, and miss seeing it when it is there, in front of me. I love how your article points to how we use old ways of seeing when new ways are needed. Thanks!

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