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Transform Your Relationships

Top 10 Workplace Issues

  1. Work Behavior Inconsistent
  2. Generational Differences
  3. Relationship Issues
  4. "Stone Age Thinking"
  5. No "Walking the Talk
  6. Failure to develop People
  7. Poor Response to Change
  8. Differences are not Celebrated
  9. Lack of Commitment to Collaboration
  10. Not listening

....and, really, most of these go back to being Relationship and Self-Awareness issues. 

Personal Relationships

"The best thing a society can do for itself is to promote and support healthy couples, and the best thing partners can do for themselves, for their children, and for society is to have a healthy relationship."  – Stan Tatkin, Wired for Love 

And, most of us weren't taught how to do this. It is never too late to develop some great Relationship skills. They can be used in every situation in your life - work, home, dealing with anybody!   

We are taught a combination of selfishness and self-defense. Both are relationship wreckers.