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I Love You Completely! Not Likely.

Really? Completely? Every bit?   We all have a lot of aspects of self. Some parts of ourselves we appreciate and some we really would rather not have. Well, our partner is the same and they have some aspects that run the range of some you really adore and some that you cannot stand.  …

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Bring Your Best Self Home

Who are you at your finest – your best self? What attributes does that person have? Are you gentle? Are you kind? Are you considerate or funny or passionate? And who are you at you worst?  Are you impatient and critical? Are you angry? Completely unable to listen? Overwhelmed and unable to make a decision?…

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Conflict – Have One Today!

  Why it’s good to have conflict early and often in your relationship or when agreeing too much sets the stage for unresolved conflict. What? You want us to have conflict right off the bat? Well, yes, I do. I don’t want you to have any old conflict, though. I want you to have resolved…

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I’m not being childish, I’m being emotional!

I heard this line in a TV show the other night and it really struck me. It seems fairly common in relationships that when one person exhibits emotion, it is deemed to be childish behaviour and whatever is going on that has led to the emotion is discounted. What is childish about being emotional? Is…

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Conflict Style is like a Jellied Salad

We are all going to have conflict. That’s just the way it is. One of the first ways we learn about conflict is from our family and some people never change from this early approach. Family of origin stuff provides us with a recipe for handling conflict and often it isn’t the tastiest creation out…

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Is Your Five Year Old Self Running Your Conflicts?

You are at choice when you are having a disagreement. Most times what I would really like to do is act on my best childish response. Let’s see shall I: Run away and THEN they will be sorry that they weren’t nicer to me or… Hmmmmm. Actually, that’s about it. No, wait, there’s another: I’m…

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