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Organizational Coaching & Training

Everybody comes to work wanting to do a good job!

Leaders try to do their best for the people who report to them. Staff are frustrated that their leaders don’t get it, don’t understand, and don’t meet their needs. There’s obviously a HUGE disconnect!

Coaching can help! As each situation is unique, I don't offer one size fits all solutions. Contact me to discuss your particular situation.

"Most business problems are really personal problems in disguise"

"Relationships have become the guiding principle/framework in which our businesses are happening"

Self Leadership

You can call it Self-Leadership, Conscious Leadership, Intentional Leadership or Mindful Leadership. What it all means is that these Leaders know themselves well and pay attention to their impact on others. They are clear on the what, why and how of everything they are doing - from decision making to how they structure their teams. You know what to expect from these Leaders and their teams are more engaged and productive.

We work together to develop awareness of 1) Self 2) Other and 3) Systems or Relationships. This translates into deliberate and intentional actions to improve business, inter-personal, and personal results.

Team Development

Teams are a complex matrix of relationships that can run anywhere from functioning beautifully or creating havoc internally and externally. Teams get bogged down by unresolved conflict, working at cross purposes and their inability to work effectively with differences. Work takes place as a combination of team workshops, training, team coaching, and can include individual coaching as well. 

My role as a Team Coach is to:

  • Help the Team understand what is going on in this particular system
  • Create the environment so that they can talk about it and deal with it
  • Assist the Team to Discover ways in which to be more effective in working with it so that they, as a team, obtain what they desire and are wanting to achieve
  • Turn all of this into actions that can be tracked and measured!

Performance Coaching

You have a person who is great at the Task part of their job but not so good with People.  They may be perceived as uncooperative, negative, abrasive, or overly critical. These people can be stars in your organization if they gain awareness of their impact and are willing to shift.

This type of coaching requires active participation from the individual's leader.

It can be life changing and transformational.


Each organization has different needs. I always begin with an in-depth assessment and create an individualized offering based on desired outcomes, time allowances, and budget.

Some of the things that I help with:

Conflict Resolution

Conflict can range from large, open conflict to hidden agendas and micro-aggressions. Learn to quickly identify them and apply skills to resolve and to avoid them in the first place.


Communication Skills

Reduce awkward interactions and ensure your Communications are landing as intended, creating engagement and eliminating time, energy and productivity wasting miscommunications.

Working with Differences

Bad things happen when people feel excluded, which they do if you aren’t deliberately and consciously working with differences.