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Conflict Style is like a Jellied Salad

We are all going to have conflict. That’s just the way it is. One of the first ways we learn about conflict is from our family and some people never change from this early approach. Family of origin stuff provides us with a recipe for handling conflict and often it isn’t the tastiest creation out…

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Is Your Five Year Old Self Running Your Conflicts?

You are at choice when you are having a disagreement. Most times what I would really like to do is act on my best childish response. Let’s see shall I: Run away and THEN they will be sorry that they weren’t nicer to me or… Hmmmmm. Actually, that’s about it. No, wait, there’s another: I’m…

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September – A Good Time for Relationship Reflection

September has that back to real life feel for many of us. Summer has a different pattern with different routines. We are apt to go away more, spend more time outdoors, be more spontaneous, and throw routine out the window. A lot of our committees, classes, teams and informal groups disband over the summer as…

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Society Says

“Well darkness has a hunger that’s insatiable, And lightness has a call that’s hard to hear” – “Closer to Fine” – The Indigo Girls People often erect barriers to success constructed from “what will other people think?” I know these barriers all too well. I have built myself curbs, hurdles, walls, and prisons from this type…

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Does Deep and Intimate Need to be About the Ick?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationships. What’s important to me? How do I bring more people into my life for increased social satisfaction? How do couples find joint friends? When should a friend be just one of the couple’s friends and not the other? How do you account for different interests in a…

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The Not Knowing Leader

In Leadership Development programs, we often encourage leaders to be more “Coach-like” in their interactions, to not simply provide an answer or direction but to be curious, dig deeper and to have people come up with their own answers as much as possible. This approach creates challenges for a lot of leaders for many reasons.…

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