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About Rosalie

Successful Relationships are Foundational for Successful Lives!

Why Relationships?

For years, I have watched super competent and capable people, whether in their personal lives or in business lives, get confounded by how to handle people in their lives. This is what draws me into specializing in Relationships – all kinds.

I discovered coaching and facilitating back in 2001 and took my first coach training that year. That started me on a journey of continued learning and training in this growing field as I experienced the benefits of a coach approach to all sorts of personal and organizational issues.


Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through International Coach Federation (ICF)

Trained in:

  • Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching(ORSC-CRR Global)
  • Co-Active Coaching (CTI)
  • Solution Focused Coaching (Erickson)

SDI Facilitator

  • Certified facilitator of the SDI® Strength Deployment Inventory, a proven tool for Managing Conflict & Improving Relationships.

Values & Strengths

My Strengths (StrengthsFinder):  Relationship Building (Empathy, Relator, Connectedness) and Strategic Thinking (Ideation, Intellection)

Strengths (SDI): Supportive, Helpful, Modest, Caring, Reserved, Methodical, Analytical, Fair, Tolerant, Loyal

My Highest Values: Harmony/Peace/Serenity, Humour, Nature, Integrity, Learning, Collaboration/Community, Health

SDI Profile

Certified facilitator of the SDI® Strength Deployment Inventory, a proven tool for Managing Conflict & Improving Relationships.

My SDI Profile: Blue-Green: Cautious-Supporting. This indicates I “feel best about what I Am doing when I am able to nurture the growth of another person’s self-reliance through my analysis of their needs.” – Pretty appropriate for a Coach!

My Manifesto

I stand for deep and direct conversation. I stand for clean air, water, earth. I stand for earthworms and compost. I stand for yoga and swimming and being near and in water. I stand for purring cats and happy animals. I stand for good food and good wine. I stand for balance and silence and awe and beauty. I stand for laughing – belly laughs, chuckles, guffaws and pee your pants giggles. I like my experiences to be broad and my relationships to be deep.

My Growth

As we are all works in progress, here are some of the things I’m working on:

Complete self-acceptance; upping my integrity so I’m truly walking my talk, mostly in conflict situations and environmental issues; and re-discovering fun.

Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients include: Providence Health Care; Fraser Health Authority; Northern Health Authority; Haro Park Lodge; Century Group; Duke University – North Carolina; UBC School of Nursing. Work includes: Leadership Coaching; Performance Coaching; Training Leaders in Coach-like behaviours; Facilitation; Business Process Mapping; Employee Engagement Survey to Sustainment Planning.

My Resume

I have a broad background in both private and public organizations - the corporate world. I've done clerical, administrative work, sales & marketing, and human resources. I have worked on many work teams and project teams. Some of the projects I have been involved with are new computer systems, Accreditation Team, Employee Engagement Survey and Implementation, Leadership Coaching, Core Competency development, Leadership Sustainment and Leadership Training.

Cool Experience!

Ask me about the two-week Program delivered in 2015 through Duke University Summer Academy. Delivering a highly experiential and emergent leadership academy to Chinese High School students at Duke University in Durham, NC as well as in Shanghai. The Mindful Leadership program has been designed around the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, using the Dimensional Leadership Model and the Human Centered Design techniques in its execution. We worked with all the topics common to team development PLUS. So Fun.

Personal Interests

I'm interested in many things but here are some of my favourites:

Yoga (I have my Registered Yoga Teacher designation)

Food & Wine


The Environment

Bike Riding, hiking, kayaking

Being outside

Reading - Fiction and non-fiction