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Coaching can be defined as “Partnering in a thought-provoking and creative process to maximize personal and professional potential"

What Creates A Successful Coaching Experience?

  • Show up to sessions prepared
  • Have clear goals or desired outcomes
  • Be open to feedback
  • Have as clear an idea as possible as to what you want from Coaching and your Coach
  • Being committed to filling in the pre-coaching and post-coaching form each time. This integrates the learning or insights and creates clarity for actions. It also helps people track their progress which they often don’t see. When we integrate something new, it’s as though we’ve always done it.
  • Taking action and accountability - Do your assignments
  • Bring an attitude of openness, curiosity and willingness

Resistance is part of the change process.

Characteristics of an effective coaching partnership

  1. The expertise of both parties is valued
  2. There is a shared responsibility for steps in the decision making process
  3. Communication is two-way
  4. Seek to solve problems so they stay solved
  5. Power, trust and honesty are shared
  6. Deal openly with disagreements or conflict